Date: October 13th, 2019
Speaker: Associate Pastor – Dr. Beau Waldrep
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 [ESV]

Life Lesson: Generous people are rich.  They are rich in the blessing of God’s righteous harvest and in knowing they are a part of something greater than they can produce on their own.

– Generosity has the power to produce more than when we are reluctant.
– Generosity reminds us that God supplies both the seed and the harvest.
– Generosity produces a harvest of righteousness in your life.
– Generosity causes others to recognize the power of God.
– Take time to pray and ask God where He wants you to be more generous each month.
– Discuss with your spouse or a close friend what it would look like to step out on faith in your finances.
– When you see or hear a need, next time be the one to meet it.