CalvaryLeader: Some Tips of Leading a Discussion


  1. Serve as a Facilitator, not a lecturer.
  2. Your goal is to encourage personal interaction among group members.
  3. Try not to be overly directive or too passive.
  4. Focus on what Scripture or study has to say and not on you as the Facilitator.
  5. Maintain an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  6. Never put down a person’s comments or contribution.
  7. Ask open-ended questions (not answered by “yes” or “no”).
  8. Encourage involvement.
  9. Call on non-participants by name to respond.
  10. Stimulate discussion using active feedback to responses. 
    For example: Acknowledge responses to questions and ask follow-up questions to clarify general or vague responses
  11. Encourage application. 
    For example, ask: “What can we do as a result of this point?”
  12. Keep the discussion on track. 
  13. Suggest new issues be “tabled” until you finish your present discussion.
  14. Summarize the main ideas that are presented to keep the group focused.